Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Owambe Styles

Awww, ladies it just two days away from Saturday and you and I know that you must not miss this day for any reason. Wow, you've got that aso ebi down and you kinda don't know what to sew with it. You are kind of confused and scared of what people will say if your styles are not high classed
 Well, we've got you the solutions right here. With these styles right here trust me you are gonna pull crowd and you will come back to thank us. Take a quick look at these styles below and tell us you've seen more than one Styles to sew with your materials and if you don't have designers don't worry we've got all set just call on us and you will be glad you did. 

So, let's know what you think about these styles through your comments and likes. And if you think you don't have designers that can make these stand, just call on us all it takes is your measurements even if you are not where we are.